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Rainbow Road Allotment Garden (RRPAG)

   The Rainbow Road Pool Allotment Garden (RRPAG, and more often referred to as the "Rainbow Road Allotment Garden") is located beside the Rainbow Road public swimming pool facility and shares the same parking lot. It offers individuals the chance to have their own garden plot in a community of gardeners who enjoy sharing the gardening experience with others - learning, mentoring others, or just being on the same piece of land where all the plots are located.

    Membership is open to residents on SSI on a first come/first serve basis and there is often a short wait list - but be patient as openings do occur!  Members are required to pay a small annual fee and share the cost of water usage.

   The mission of the RRPAG is to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Gardening may be an individual activity, but collectively we gardeners, along with local farmers, are doing our part by reducing the fuel used in transportation and when using organic local fertilizer sources such as household compost.   Not only are we reducing fuel consumption but also providing a location for those who do not have access to a private garden plot or are otherwise unable to garden at home.

   This collection of garden plots, which began in 2012 on a then-unused patch of ground located behind the swimming pool parking lot, has produced a huge amount of food and provides an increasingly healthy habitat for insects and other critters that thrive in a garden environment.  Organic and non-GMO produce is encouraged and the use of unfriendly materials is enforced.  Composting of waste is done onsite.

   Please drop by during daytime hours and have a look at your convenience.

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