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Transition Salt Spring Enterprise Cooperative (TSSEC) [brochure]

  TSSEC is a BC Cooperative Association, owned by its membership. It is the independent economic arm of Transition Salt Spring Society.

  TSSEC was established in part to enable islanders to invest in our own community. Its purpose is to support green projects and enterprises on Salt Spring that help to address climate change and reduce fossil fuel use, that make our community more resilient to economic and environmental challenges, and generally increase community wellbeing. 

  Since 2011, TSSEC has provided over $90,000 in microloans to a dozen local organizations and enterprises.  To be eligible for support, a project must meet TSSEC green criteria for two or more of the following: energy, community and ecosystem health, localization, and fair business practices.

  As a cooperative, TSSEC is owned by its members who elect the volunteer Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting.

Board of Directors 2017—2018

Elizabeth White: President

Ann Wheeler: Vice-president

Jon Healey: Secretary

Donald McLennan: Treasurer

Darryl Martin: director at large

George Lerchs: director at large

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