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Transition Salt Spring (TSS) is a community-led response to global climate change. We are a registered BC non-profit society. TSS projects, initiatives and events encourage environmentally sustainable practices and methods, including: organic food production, renewable energy, green building technologies, alternative transportation, water conservation, waste-avoidance, and green business practices.

Transition (TSS) is:

- an ally to existing groups

- initiator and incubator of new projects, and

- an umbrella organisation for programs that foster local economic resilience and reduce fossil-fuel dependence. 

Ongoing and new projects depend on us for:

- funding and eligibility for charitable grants

- record-keeping and bookkeeping

- directors insurance and liability insurance

- a place to initiate new projects (see Groups page)

- our calendar and newsletter (subscribe here).

Membership contributions make all of the above possible, including many ongoing initiatives:

 - The Community Energy Group and the TSS Enterprise Co-op are now well-established within the TSS Society umbrella.

 - Other TSS projects & initiatives are listed on the VOLUNTEER page (Car Stops, RRPAG community garden, etc.). 

 - Allied local/regional organisations are listed on the Resources tab.

TSS is part of the global Transition Network of over 1,000 communities, towns and cities in at least 44 countries.  

We are run by volunteers, plus the indispensable help of a part-time paid administrator.   

"Transition" is singular!   lf you say "Transitions" you are saying the name of the Transitions Thrift Storeowned and operated by Island Women Against Violence (IWAV).  We love recyling, re-using, and re-purposing items, but our name is not "Transitions".

- Let's mention another thrift store, the Lady Minto Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store, also located on Salt Spring Island.

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