Transition Salt Spring


Opportunities for volunteering include the following.  Underlined links indicate that there is sub-group on this page (see Home Page, Groups, at lower left) of people who have indicated their interest in working together on the type of project, initiative, or event.

  • the Car Stops project
  • Community Energy Group
  • join the Board of Directors
  • Bring Your Branches yard-waste processing centre
  • Community Alliances and Partnerships - outreach, liaison
  • host and organise Community Potlucks and Gatherings
  • Crew Captains for Work-crews (habitat restoration, etc.)
  • the Eco-living and Home Tour every second year (next: 2015)
  • Education Committee (topics, presenters, logistics, publicity, etc.)
  • the Electric Vehicle (EV) group
  • Event volunteers (registration, publicity, member sign-up, etc.)
  • Food-related groups including Ask a Mentor Gardener, the Food Preservation group, Let's Grow More Food, and others (See "Groups" on Home Page lower left)
  • Fundraising
  • Garden Mentors
  • Green Drinks monthly networking and education (hosts, programs, publicity, greeters, etc.)
  • Grant Writers for TSS
  • Membership recruitment
  • Publicity (flyers, press releases, social media, outreach)
  • Technologies and Re-Skilling projects
  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Website management

Other projects that have been created by volunteers include:

  • Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station at ArtSpring

  • Rainbow Road Park Allotment Gardens

  • Community Energy Group Solar Scholarship project

  • Interest groups to join and create on our social networking site

  • Directory of Salt Spring organizations assisting Transition objectives

Please email us for more information or to volunteer!

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